Deciphering the Family Code: Division 2. Parts 1 & 2. Jurisdiction and General Procedural Provisions.

The superior court has jurisdiction in proceedings under this code.

Deciphered: The judicial system has different courts for different proceedings i.e. the administrative court is utilized for Worker’s Compensation. If it is a civil or family law matter the case is heard by the superior court.


Except to the extent that any other statute or […]

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101 Ways to Survive Your Divorce

Become informed on the law
Seek out a CPA to determine the tax consequences of your agreement
If you’ll be receiving a cash buy-out or receiving retirement assets, find a qualified financial planner
Utilize a CDFA to determine the long term forecast of your division
If you plan to keep your home, be aware […]

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Deciphering the Family Code: Division 1. Part 3. Indian Children

(a) As used in this code, unless the context otherwise requires, the terms “Indian,” “Indian child,” “Indian child’s tribe,” “Indian custodian,” “Indian organization,” “Indian tribe,” “reservation,” and “tribal court” shall be defined as provided in Section 1903 of the Indian Child Welfare Act (25 U.S.C. Sec. 1901 et seq.).

Deciphered: One must reference 25 U.S.C. Sec […]

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Deciphering the California Family Code: Division 1. Part 2. Definitions

Part 2 of the Family Code  contains the specific definitions for terms that will be used throughout the Code.

CA FAM § 50

Unless the provision or context otherwise requires, the definitions and rules of construction in this part govern the construction of this code.

Deciphered:  Look to these definitions to understand the meaning of these terms throughout […]

Deciphering the California Family Law Code: Part 1. Preliminary Provisions

As a preliminary overview, the California Family Code provides the statutory basis for what attorneys as fundamental rules in family law. Because the meaning of the some the statutes can be read as ambiguous, case law helps to clarify how the statute should be interpreted. When there is relevant case law on a matter that is important to the understanding […]

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Let’s Stop Putting Our Children in the Middle!

When it comes to divorce children at some point wind up being put in the middle – whether as messengers or peacekeepers. But putting children in the middle puts undue stress on them and shortchanges them of their childhood.

High conflict divorces have been shown to have numerous deleterious effects on a child’s sense of safety and […]

Divorce Forms 101: Understanding the Most Commonly Utilized Court Forms

When it comes to divorce there are a myriad of court forms, it can be overwhelming. Listed below you’ll find a breakdown of the 13 most commonly utilized forms with a link to the official CA Judicial form:

Initiating the Process:

FL-100 Petition: To initiate the case, the petition is completed. It requests basic information about the […]

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Warning! Are You Spending Your Children’s College Fund on Your Divorce?

When it comes to divorce it’s easy to let hourly rates add up with little to show for it. Just to start the divorce process an initial client intake interview can last two hours to complete a complete comprehensive discussion regarding assets and debts, the marital lifestyle and your children. Additionally, several court forms need […]

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