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Instead of ignoring the very real emotions people go through during a divorce – anger, depression, fear, betrayal or even relief, the Mindful Approach recognize these issue are inherently a part of the process. 

The Mindful Approach is designed to provide you with research based techniques to challenge your thinking, reframe your thoughts to allow you to find meaning and grow from the experience. 

The aim of the mindful approach is to facilitate the possibility for (1) a sense for new opportunities, (2) increased connection to others, (3) an increased sense of one’s own strength, (4) cultivation of a sense of gratitude and (5) connection to one’s inner intuition.

Exercises include:

-Expressive Writing

-Meaning Making


-Visualization and Guided Meditations

-Mindfulness and Intention Setting:


Distress is typical when we face traumatic events. Most of us, when we face very difficult losses or great suffering, will have a variety of highly distressing psychological reactions. Life crises are inevitable and we are given the choice between suffering and growth on the one hand, and suffering and no change, on the other. Post-Traumatic growth is a phenomenon studied by positive psychology. 

We most definitely are not implying that traumatic events are good – they are not. Just because individuals experience growth does not mean that they will not suffer.