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Traditional Divorce Litigation

Retaining two adversarial attorneys is an antiquated approach to divorce that fails to address all factors that arise during the process of dissolution.

The Old Way

Tens of Thousands of Dollars Spent
Acrimony and Fear Created
Stress Endured
Lawyers, Judges and Court rooms
No Education on the Law
Years and Years of your life

Divorce Mediation

Hiring a neutral attorney-mediator is a modern approach that considers both the emotional and financial factors in a divorce.

The New Way

Avoid massive bills cultivated in litigation
Create a positive co-parenting relationship
Never have to step foot in court
Avoid stress and uncertainty
Legal Information from Neutral Attorney-Mediator
Complete your divorce in 6-8 weeks

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Sacramento Divorce Attorney
Sacramento Divorce Attorney


Alexandra Baron is a divorce attorney and mediator in Sacramento, CA. She is the founder of the Mindful Divorce and is a thought leader in promoting the application of positive psychology to Family Law. She utilizes her background in dispute resolution, family law and psychology to provide a holistic approach to divorce.

When establishing Mindful Divorce, Alexandra asked herself a simple question, “Will this reduce the stress of divorce?” With this question as her guide, she created a systematic and transparent process to help both high conflict and amicable couples reach divorce settlements out of court.

Alexandra aims to change the culture of divorce proceedings and settlements by generating awareness that there are alternatives to stereotypical court room battles and astronomical legal fees. With a goal of creating an appreciable impact on the back log of cases in family law courts, where it can take months to have a date set for trial, she hosts monthly meet-up events on “Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?” These events are meant to let people know that there are many out-of-court divorce settlement options to choose from, of which divorce mediation is one.

Alexandra attended Pepperdine Law School’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, the top ranking institution in the field.